yanira is an artist living in nashville, tn.

born in san juan, puerto rico 1992.


Yanira Vissepó is a textile artist located in Nashville, TN, who utilizes hand-carved blocks to create imagined scenes, patterns and symbols on a variety of different mediums. Richly textured and transformative of the spaces in which they reside, Vissepó's patterns take many different forms—from hand-painted and block-printed murals to framed and free-standing tapestries, as well as works on paper. While naturalistic and inherently spiritual, her imagined shapes maintain a sense of play in their demonstrated contrast of order and incident. Deceptively simplistic, Vissepó's works invite viewer engagement by utilizing generally familiar characters, often emblematic of the natural world, and arranging them into freeform visual narrative. Overall, both Vissepó's printing process and resulting products evoke a sense of ritual—meditative, reverent, deliberate.